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Wednesday 1 September 2010

Up The Frankies

On Monday "little known Japanese performance art troupe", as the BBC rather dismissively refer to them, Frank Chickens won a Comedy God award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after a public vote. This was mainly as a result of a complaint made by comedian Stewart Lee that the whole idea of getting the public to vote on such things was a pathetic attempt at populism on the part of the Fringe, which rewarded celebrity rather than ability. He cited Frank Chickens as an example of the sort of act that would never get recognised.

It turns out he was both right and wrong. The other winners bear out his theory - surely not even fans of the irritatingly smug Michael McIntyre could consider he had reached God status yet - but in a re-run of the Rage Against The Machine vs X-Factor Christmas Number One battle the Frankies (as nobody calls them) are there as well.

As it happens only a few weeks ago I was in Lewes visiting some hippy friends of mine and I managed to pick up for £1 a copy of the album "Underfloor World", which was released in either 1994 or 1997 depending on who you believe. Passing quickly over their cover of "Johnny Reggae", it is a lot better than I had honestly expected. Here are a couple of selections.

"Different" - Frank Chickens

"Thunderwing" (T. Rex cover) - Frank Chickens

As a bonus, here is their big "hit" from 1984

"Blue Canary" - Frank Chickens

The Frankies are not to be confused with a similarly named comedy/ musical outfit fronted by a shortish woman with a distinctive dress sense, the Krankies.

My mistake!

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