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Friday 29 October 2010

Congolese Lady Singing!

Following on the Carlyto Lassa post earlier in the week, here are a couple of tracks from the other CD I picked up in Brussels earlier in the week. This one is by Tshala Muana, known to her many fans as "La Reine de Mutuashi", Mutuashi being the Afro-Cuban influenced music that she is largely responsible for popularising. Further details of her career can be found in a very good, if now slightly out of date, article at Saharan Vibe.

The album in question is "Pika Pende", released in 1999. Here are the title track and "Bantu Tabalayi" which - if I have interpreted the French sleeve notes correctly - features one Lassa Landu on guest vocals. Mind you, the sleeve notes also claim that Bill Clinton was responsible for "animations", so I am not sure they can be relied on.

"Pika Pende" - Tshala Muana

"Bantu Tabalayi" - Tshala Muana

Here she is in action with some enchanting dancing girls and what appears to be random backdrops of Las Vegas.

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