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Thursday 14 October 2010

Heidi Hi!

I have just come back from working in Geneva for a few days - it was nice enough but probably better in the heights of summer or depths of winter. This was my first ever visit to Switzerland so I had wanted to mark the occasion by posting some local music to create a fondue of fabulous sounds. But my Swiss selection is pretty limited. As far as I can tell, this is it:

"Hedi's Head" - Kleenex

"Die Matrosen" - Liliput

That's all there is. Not so much as a sniff of Yello, yodelling or The Young Thingummies (I can't remember their name but Mr F will know who I mean). So instead let's round things out with a couple of cracking tunes from fellow travellers of Kleenex/ Liliput.

"Aerosol Burns" - Essential Logic

"No One's Little Girl" - The Raincoats (the original version from "Moving", not the 1995 remake)

If I was to extend my Swiss selection, I would almost definitely not start with this lot.

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