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Tuesday 23 November 2010

Freddie Gwala

Here are some South African sounds from the 1990s for you. Not Tsonga Disco, for a change, but not too far off in style.

Freddie Gwala served eight years for car theft way back when. On his release he begun to make his name in the music business, initially as a writer/producer for gospel group Pure Gold and then Platform 1, specialists in wedding songs. He kick-started his solo career with a massive hit in the form of "Amadamara". Here it is, together with a track from his later "Amadamara 4" album, which according to the ever-reliable Max Mojapelo went gold in either 1996 or 1997. "Amadamara 4" is available for download on Amazon, and probably elsewhere.

"Amadamara" - Freddie Gwala

"Guma Faya" - Freddie Gwala

Here is old Freddie in action:

And as a special bonus, here is an even older Freddie in action:

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