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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Danish Delights 1

Christmas has come early for me. I got home today to find two Penny Penny CDs and a Joe Shirimani CD waiting for me. You lot are going to have to wait a little longer to share them, but fear not, it won't be too long.

In the mean time, here is the first in an occasional series which will last as long as it takes me to work my way through the assorted Danish CDs I acquired in Copenhagen on Monday. First up are Kliche with their debut album, 1980's "Supertanker".

According to such limited information as I can find, Kliche were "a Danish new wave band" - which I suspect you can work out for yourself - who "would semi-ironically quote Mao and Buddha and perform in uniforms - often coloured overalls". So now you know.

The bulk of the album is fairly conventional (I refuse to say kliched) new wave, of which "Hetz" is one of the better examples. But the opening and closing tracks are both synth-led and, to my inexpert eyes, slightly reminiscent of OMD when they still spelt their name out in full. And also rather good. The last track, "Masselinjen", is nearly ten minutes long and that is the one we feature today.

Overall, and bearing in mind I have only played it once, I would say "Supertanker" is hardly essential but worth a listen if you are a fan of the new wave/ post-punk/ synth-pop sort of thing. I mean you, Mister F.

"Hetz" - Kliche

"Masselinjen" - Kliche

If my source is to be believed, Kliche hailed originally from Aarhus. You know what is coming next. You're just not sure if it is the very, very big house or the one in the middle of our street. It's both!

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  1. Kliché are the Danish post-punk/new wave band. Kliche are a Swedish synth-pop band. Confused? I am.