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Sunday 19 December 2010

Magyar Magic

First pickings from the haul of vintage Hungarian vinyl picked up in Budapest earlier this week - three singles from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The best known of the three acts, certainly outside Hungary, is Sarolta Zalatnay. "Nem Varok Holnapig" ("I am not waiting till tomorrow") was the song with which she won the Hungarian Television's dance song contest, setting her on a path to fame and fortune. It is a fairly generic piece of 1960s pop, but in the 1970s she became decidely funky and psychadelic. The best of her work was put out on a compilation by Finders Keepers records in 2007. More recently she seems to have been a tabloid staple in Hungary, including spending time in jail for fraud a few years back.

Beata Karda was also a regular hitmaker, and is still going strong it seems. Those of you whose Hungarian is better than mine can find out more at her website. Of Levante Szorenyi I have been able to discover absolutely nothing. But "Rockandroll Rezi" was co-written by Janos Brody, who went on to be one of Hungary's most successful singer-songwriters in a vaguely folk-rock style with the likes of Fonograf, who will no doubt be featured here in due course.

"Nem Varok Holnapig" - Sarolta Zalatnay (1967)

"Rockandroll Rezi" - Levante Szorenyi (year unknown)

"Csilliagiviragok" - Beata Karda (1973)

There are plenty of clips of Beata on YouTube. I can't decide which of these is my favourite, so you are getting them all.

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