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Saturday 21 September 2013

Big Jimmy

On Thursday, Mister F and I went to the 100 Club to see the mighty Jimmy LaFave live, something I have been wanting to do for many years but had never previously had the chance. Needless to say he was marvellous.

Inexplicably the 100 Club was barely half full. But hopefully Jimmy will remember the warmth of the welcome rather than the size of the crowd and be back before too long.

Mister F has expressed the view that Jimmy is even better live than on record. I think it is probably too close to call, so in a spirit of compromise (or indecison) I have picked some live recordings for you. In 1999 Jimmy released "Trail", a sort of official bootleg of live concert and radio recordings. He has recently followed it up with "Trail Two" and "Trail Three". Here is one from each.

They are all Dylan covers. He does a lot of them, and often better than Bob does.

"I Threw It All Away" - Jimmy LaFave (from "Trail")

"Not Dark Yet" - Jimmy LaFave (from "Trail Two")

"Love Minus Zero/ No Limit" - Jimmy LaFave (from "Trail Three")

The other highlight on Thursday came at work, when I hosted a visiting delegation of Lithuanian business people. As a token of thanks they presented me with a big Lithuanian cheese. And it is in that same spirit that, in turn, I present you with some big Lithuanian cheese.

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