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Wednesday 6 November 2013

Faintly Blowing My Mind

Great excitement in the Goggins household today. I have bagged a ticket to see Kaleidoscope at the Islington Assembly Halls on the 17th. Creators of a couple of classic albums of English psychedelia, "Tangerine Dream" and "Faintly Blowing", who last released a record in 1970, it is one of those gigs you never thought would happen.

It must be conceded that you could not claim the band have reformed, as only one member of the old line-up will be involved. It is the important one, though - the singer and songwriter Peter Daltrey. And his pick-up band for the night is none other than the Trembling Bells, of whom regular readers will have heard me rave many times. His magic mixed with their magic promises to make it a very special night.

"Black Fjord" - Kaleidoscope

"Do It Again For Jeffrey" - Kaleidoscope

Here's another Daltrey for you.

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