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Sunday 3 November 2013

Massive in Moscow

I mentioned in my last post that a charming gentleman in Rostov-on-Don had persuaded me to part with £1 for a disc containing what he called a "rock classic mix - 200" of Russian rock. It turned out there were only 190 tracks and, of the ones I have heard to date, you would struggle to argue they were all classics. But there is some good stuff on there.

Here is a small selection to whet your appetite, including the only known case of a band naming themselves after a writer of detective stories (I stand ready to be corrected, as always).

"Triller" - Agata Kristi

"Www" - Leningrad

"Devochka" - Mumij Troll

"Labrador-Gibraltar" - Vjacheslav Butusov

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