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Thursday 2 October 2014

Top Of Los Pops

Allow me to start with a largely irrelevant anecdote. When I first went to Russia in the early 1990s, shortly after the arrival of Yeltsin and the first MacDonalds, the locals were mad for anything even vaguely "Western". In particular, many of them were sporting T-shirts with slogans in English. It did not really matter what they said, they just had to be in English. I can still see the big bruiser barreling down Nevski Prospekt in St. Petersburg with "Romney Marsh Garden Centre" proudly emblazoned on his chest.

The reason I mention this is because I think a similar phenomena must explain the names that many Mexican pop and rock bands adopted in the 1960s. Aiming for a name that shouted "rock 'n roll", they ended up with something that was more of a Google Translate attempt at "rock 'n roll".

Without further ado, we present Los Johnny Jets. There will be some sort of prize for the first person to correctly identify the two songs being covered.

"Es Lupe" - Los Johnny Jets

Dedos Con Alma" - Los Johnny Jets


  1. Too easy - but great band name.

  2. They sound something like those Top Of The Pops albums you used to get in the 1970s. But not sung in English.But I like that wild guitar on the 2nd track

  3. By teh way, it was the Hillbilly Gospel album I bought, andit has some great songs on it. Looking forward to the rhymin series, still, but slightly less so than before.....

  4. Mister F - you can't win a prize just by deriding the difficulty of the questions. Tell me the proper answers tomorrow and I will buy you the pint I will be buying you anyway.

    George - your wish will be granted at some point over the weekend. Be afraid, be very afraid

    1. See my scrobbles for Oct 2nd @ 9:19am