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Thursday 9 October 2014

Tsonga Thursday

Some long overdue Tsonga sounds for you today, courtesy of the delightful Sunglen Chabalala. These two cracking tunes are taken from the fantastically named "Beer 3" album. It came out in 2011, so she is probably on to "Beer 4" or "Beer 5" by now. I imagine that by the time she gets to "Beer 6" the tunes will be starting to get a little maudlin, so it may be a good idea to skip that one and wait until she gets her second wind around "Beer 8".

 "Vunghamula" - Sunglen Chabalala

"Humelela" - Sunglen Chabalala

For those of you inclined to glamorise drinking, let the sad case of George Jones be a salutary lesson to you. Drink too much and you will end up duetting with Garth Brooks.

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  1. There's something intensely irritating about Garth Brooks, he just strikes me as completely false. Is he the Bruce Springsteen of country music?