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Monday 19 January 2015

No Show Orlando

I had been looking forward to seeing veteran Nigerian afro-funk pioneer Orlando Julius in concert later this week. Then I heard this morning that the show has been postponed. The promoters are a bit vague as to the reasons, but one website suggests it is some sort of visa problem. Whatever the cause, let's hope it is sorted out by May, when the show has been rescheduled for. Until then, we can tide ourselves over by listening to a couple of his groovy tunes.

"Jagua Nana 2" - Orlando Julius

"Ijo Soul" - Orlando Julius

And now for something completely different (but really rather wonderful).


  1. Reminds me of a political song back in Gods country. Below for your enjoyment.

  2. Almost certainly wouldn't have heard this if not for you so many thanks for posting it. It's in one hit wonder territory but....who cares? It is, as you say, wonderful