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Sunday 25 January 2015

Tsonga On Tsunday

Sunday is the day for missionary zeal, so we are returning to our oft-forgotten original mission (as set out in our mission statement above). Today we feature for the first time Thomas Makholwa and the lovely Migewu Sisters, with one track apiece from volumes 4 and 5 in their "Iwaxitekwa" series of albums.

"Kulaveka Tyming" - Thomas Makholwa & Migewu Sisters

"Nagungula" - Thomas Makholwa & Migewu Sisters

To mark Burns Night tonight I had intended to include a clip of Michael Marra's utterly beautiful rendition of "Green Grow The Rashes", but that wee scamp Charity Chic has beaten me to it. So instead here are some other Scottish standards.


  1. Plain or Pan beat me to it Earnie!

  2. Jimmy Shand and 50 Cent live in Auchtermuchty and Andy Stewart does Jive Bunny - superb!

  3. AS CC said, Jimmy Shand vs 50 Centr is tremendous. I lasted 18 seconds of Andy Stewart. Embarassing drivelling nonsense. More Thomas Makholwa please. I can forgive that synthetic drum-sound stuff.