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Thursday 13 August 2015

Groovin' In Gyumri

Hello folks. I am back from Armenia and can thoroughly recommend it. The main reason for going is the amazing scenery, but Yerevan is worth a visit too. More specifically, you should make time to relax over a Kilikia beer or two at this zeitgeist-busting bar.

You will not be surprised to hear that I picked up a few local CDs while I was there. First of the rack is "Sazz & Jazz", a compilation album from 2013 which purports to provide jazzed up versions of traditional Armenian songs and melodies. I must admit I was not previously aware that the samba was indigenous to Armenia, but who am I to argue with Sona Shiroyan and his (or her) friends.

"Kaqavik à La Bona" - Sona Shiroyan, Ani Sahakyan, Khachik Sahakyan

"Hala, Hala" - Inga & Anush Arshakyans

Let's keep it mellow with Mr Andy Williams. Not sure about the elbow patches though.

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