Friday, 2 September 2016

New Trolls For Old

One of the most common criticisms of this blog - apart from "what happened to the Tsonga disco then?" - is that we don't feature enough Italian progressive rock bands. That's true, and there is a very good reason for it, which anyone who has ever listened to Italian progressive rock will understand.

However, when such bands knock out some perfectly good proper music instead it would be wrong to close our ears to their efforts. Which is why tonight we feature the veteran New Trolls (fifty years young next year folks). These two are from 1968 and 1978 respectively.

"Ho Veduto" - New Trolls

"Aldebaran" - New Trolls

 According to Wikipedia, due to differences between the remaining original members of the band, there are currently two versions of New Trolls doing the rounds. How unlike our own dear Sweet.

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  1. Wot, no complicated chord sequences, impenetrable lyrics or unexpected time shifts? New Trolls aren't prog enough for me then. Give me Connolly & co any day of the week.