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Monday 19 September 2016

The Shipping News

Later this week I am meeting up with a friend of mine who has recently returned home having spent a  month or so as a passenger on a cargo ship going from the UK to South America. By chance, I am currently reading an excellent book called "Down to the Sea in Ships" by Horatio Clare, about his time tagging along on container ships.

As a tribute to these hardy seafarers, here is a selection of songs about ships, both literal and metaphorical. You will notice a certain narrative arc. We don't just throw this stuff together, you know.

"Shipbuilding" - Robert Wyatt

"Tall Ships" - Jon Langford

"Captain Of Your Ship" - Reparata & The Delrons

"Ship On A Stormy Sea" - Jimmy Clanton

"Don't Give Up The Ship Now Baby" - James Govan

"Shipwrecked" - Jerry Williams

Just in case you were wondering, what follows is not part of the narrative arc. Although, if it was, it might explain why events suddenly take a turn for the worse between Reparata and Jimmy Clanton.

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