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Tuesday 1 August 2017

Pop in Penang, Bop in Borneo

More from Malaysia; specifically from a most enjoyable compilation of 1970s chart smashes called "Kugirama - The Greatest Hits of Pop Band". Strictly speaking that should be "bands" but let's not nit-pick.

A fair few of the tracks are Malaysian language cover versions of US/ UK hits of the day. The only one of them that varies from the original even slightly is Discovery's remake of Brenton Wood's "Gimme Little Sign", and if you ask very nicely I'll feature them both in a future post. Today, however, we have three tracks that are - as far as I can tell - authentic originals.

"Hey Hey Taxi" - Discovery

"Si Gadis Ayu" - Black Dog Bone

"Hanya Cinta" - Sweet September

Today's clip comes courtesy of the estimable abgcantik, who has uploaded a prodigious number of vintage Malaysian music videos to YouTube. I've not looked at more than a fraction, but I can't believe there are any others better than this. Thanks, abg!


  1. Can we have some of those cover versions posted? I think you've posted cover versions in the past that at least one of your readers greatly enjoyed.

  2. "Hey Hey Taxi" put me in mind of Boney M, Thanks for that.

  3. Oh alright, as it is you. They will be there at some point in the next 48 hours or so.