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Wednesday 16 August 2017

Vive La France

There was a bit of an emotional breakthrough on these pages earlier this week when, commenting on the previous post, Charity Chic gave us a brief glimpse behind his Scottish Hard Man image and revealed he was partial to the girl groups of the 1960s. So let's see how he gets on with some French "ye ye" from around the same time, courtesy of the fabulous France Gall.

"Nous Ne Sommes Pas Des Anges" - France Gall

"Bonsoir John John" - France Gall

From John John, we move on seamlessly to Tom Tom. I had forgotten quite how dreary this was.


  1. Oh dearie me, I too had forgotten how dire that "Tom Tom" was. Who the hell was buying that stuff back in 1971? And I just discovered that they released the obscenity that was "Living Next Door to Alice" - 4 years before Smokie.

  2. I found Bonsoir John John rather creepy.It's that sort-of breathless vocal.