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Friday 29 June 2018

Massive in Milan

I was in Milan earlier this week and took the opportunity to pop into the Massive Music Store. Size-wise it doesn't really live up to its name, but they make the most of the space they have. There are piles of CDs in there that start on the floor and end up somewhere north of my navel.

Unfortunately I'm no longer dexterous enough to get down and inspect the bottom half of the piles, and was nervous about trying to extract anything that was more than a foot or so down from the top in case I brought the whole edifice crashing down. So in practice I was limited to only 10% or so of the stock.

Despite that, I managed to gather up some goodies. One such was "Pazza Idea", the 1973 album by the ever lovely Patty Pravo. Here are a couple of tracks. The first one may sound vaguely familiar.

"I Giardini Di Kensington" - Patty Pravo

"Limpidi Pensieri" - Patty Pravo

 And now, a rather different Patti.

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