Friday, 3 August 2018

No Pier Here

I'm off to Southport in the morning by way of Wigan, both places famed for their piers. I thought about doing a themed post featuring only songs about piers, but abandoned the idea when I discovered I don't appear to have any. So instead you're getting a couple of tracks from my current favourite album.

The album in question is "Mudei De Idéia" by Antonio Carlos & Jocafi. Originally released in 1971, it is a mighty slab of mildly psychedelic Brazilian pop. I can see this going down a storm in sunny Southport.

"Kabaluerê" - Antonio Carlos & Jocafi

"Conceição da Praia" - Antonio Carlos & Jocafi

The last couple of times I went to Southport in the summer there was a crooner belting out the hits of the 1960s to a crowd of pensioners outside the cafe next to the crazy golf. On both occasions he was doing his best with this old favourite of mine. Let's hope for a hat trick tomorrow.