Saturday, 16 February 2019

Cumbia, My Lord, Cumbia

I've just booked my tickets to see La Yegros in April. If you're not familiar with her work - and I wasn't until I saw the show advertised and checked her out - she is an Argentinian performer who describes her music as "an explosive combination of the urban and folkloric chamane dubs, mixed with funky coplas and cumbia raps".

I don't know what that means, but I know I like it. I think you might too. Here are a couple of tracks from her 2016 album, "Magnetismo". Her new album "Suelta" is out shortly, and she's touring Europe in April and early May (the London gig is her only UK show unfortunately).

"Carnabailito" - La Yegros

"Chicha Roja" - La Yegros

For today's clip, some music inspired by (although not originating from) the great country of Argentina. Especially for several of our regular readers.


  1. I was in Bristol for a week during the 1978. All I had to wear were my jeans and two Scotland shirts. It was not a happy time, although the staff in an Italian restaurant took a shine to me and I did very well guesting in a Scottish Students v English Students footie match.

    1. Sounds like they could have done with you against Iran

  2. The 1978 squad were each gifted (new) Hillman Hunters as a reward for qualifying. To show their gratification they decided to forget how to play football for the first two World Cup games.