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Sunday 24 February 2019

Mr Brown

I went to an excellent gig last night down in Swingin' Streatham at the Hideaway - a new venue for me, but one I'll definitely be going back to.

The star of the show was UK reggae stalwart Lloyd Brown, backed by the excellent RiddimWorks Band and my good friends True Identity on harmonies. We also had a couple of guest spots from Paulette Tajah - pictured here with Lloyd - and Michael Gordon. All of them were in fine voice. Mr Brown is a real showman, and during the course of two and a half hours or so we were royally entertained by him and the rest of the gang. 

Here are a couple of tunes from Mr Brown that he didn't get round to last night (the collaboration with Tippa Irie seems appropriate in the circumstances). As part of his set he did the cover version of a country hit that appears to be mandatory for all reggae artists, so as a bonus here is the original by Randy Travis. I do like a little Randy every now and then.

"UK Reggae" - Lloyd Brown & Tippa Irie

"Black Bags" - Lloyd Brown

"On The Other Hand" - Randy Travis

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  1. I think "Storms of Life" was Randy Travis' greatest album. Seemed to go downhill after that.