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Saturday 25 April 2020

Punky Reggae Party

Way back when a lot of the punk bands had a go at covering reggae songs. I'm not the sure the compliment was returned to any great extent, apart from Errol Dunkley doing "I'm An Upstart" and Peter Tosh briefly fronting Peter & The Test Tube Babies on tour when the other Peter was unwell. But that's by the by.

One of the better efforts was Stiff Little Fingers' remake of a Bunny Wailer song. I say remake rather than cover because apart from the riff and the refrain they changed pretty much everything. Maybe that's why it works. Here are both versions.

"Roots Radics Rockers Reggae" - Bunny Wailer

"Roots Radicals Rockers And Reggae" - Stiff Little Fingers

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