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Wednesday 8 July 2020

Arctic Hysteria

Pete Brown is probably still best known for writing the lyrics for Cream. Personally I have never cared for Cream very much. His own stuff, on the other hand, is excellent.

His first proper band was Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments, but the battered bastards sacked him so he formed Piblokto! instead. Here are the A and B sides of their first single from 1969.

"Living Life Backwards" - Pete Brown & Piblokto!

"High Flying Electric Bird" - Pete Brown & Piblokto!

I'm pleased to say Pete is still going strong, and will turn 80 later in the year. After Piblokto! he made albums with Graham Bond and then Phil Ryan, released a very entertaining autobiography called "White Rooms and Imaginary Westerns" in 2010, provided lyrics for Procol Harum and others, and he's still touring (when touring is allowed). Keep it up, Mr B. 

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