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Monday 6 July 2020

The Long Goodbye: Part 17

It's Part 17 of the Grand Tour, and Part 2 of our Baltic double-header. We've left Latvia behind us and hopped over the border to Lithuania.

I've visited Vilnius for work a couple of times and on one occasion tagged on a long weekend in Kaunas. Both cities are well worth a visit, and if you get to Kaunas the Devils Museum is a 'must see'. It contains many delights such as this one:

Musically this has turned into one of the unexpected highlights of the tour so far. I hope that doesn't sound patronising, it's just that the CDs I bought on my visits in no way prepared me for the sheer variety and quality of music that has been and is being made in Lithuania.

Special thanks to Shishi,"a trio of Lithuianian mermaids" if their promo blurb is to be believed, who very kindly sent me their excellent new album "Mafitishei" which comes out at the end of July. You should buy it when it does, and in the meantime go to their Bandcamp page to pick up their 2018 album "NA x 80", from which today's track comes.

And while you're on Bandcamp, make sure to make a beeline for the Zona Records page where you can find Antis, Ministry of Echology and many other gems at bargain prices. 

"Slight Tension" - Shishi

"Laikas Meilei" - Ministry of Echology (featuring Eazystyle MC)

"Lapela" - Atalyja


  1. I was really hoping the band sounding like portuguese for pee would be a keeper so I could amuse my portuguese friends.....and I was not disappointed

    1. I wasn't aware that the Portuguese for "pee" was "Ministry of Echology". Thanks for educating me.

  2. At The Zone Page listening to lithuanian folk music remixes- i got terribly excited when I read one of the instruments was called krankies, but it is actually kankies. Plenty of bargains to be found on those pages!

  3. 27 Leggies - THE place to go for Lithiuanian mermaids

    1. just don't go "googling" lithuanian mermaids at work