Sunday, 21 February 2021

Single Song Sunday

It is the first Single Song Sunday of the year, and the choice is such an obvious one I was under the impression I had done it before. But it seems I was wrong so here, for the first time, is Bordleaux Bryant's classic "Love Hurts". 

We start with what are probably my three favourite versions - the Everly Brothers original from 1960, Roy Orbison's version from the year after and Gram and Emmylou's great duet from "Grievous Angel". Following them we have the two hit versions from the 1970s courtesy of Nazareth and Jim Capaldi. Fife's finest were the most successful everywhere but the UK, where Jim inexplicably made it to the Top 5.    

Next we have what might seem an unlikely duet between Little Milton and Lucinda Williams. I'm a fan of both of them, but to be honest I'm not sure this arrangement really plays to Big Lucy's strengths. It's still pretty good though.

After that we are off all over the place. The cotton-picking Osborne Brothers don't appear remotely hurt, scarred, wounded or even marred; James Last smothers the pain with cheese; and then there is... erm... a Spanish rap version. Thank goodness for the always reliable J.C. Lodge, whose Mandatory Reggae Version sounds exactly like you would expect. 

"Love Hurts" - The Everly Brothers

"Love Hurts" - Roy Orbison

"Love Hurts" - Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris

"Love Hurts" - Nazareth

"Love Hurts" - Jim Capaldi

"Love Hurts" - Lucinda Williams & Little Milton

"Love Hurts" - The Osborne Brothers

"Love Hurts" - James Last

"Herida De Amor Rap" - Xhuzer (feat. Song Kill & Grupo Yndio)

"Love Hurts" - J.C. Lodge


  1. Does Ms Williams know you refer to her as Big Lucy? Anyway, it's a surprisingly bland cover, as is that banjo effort. The spanish does not disappoint (in its awfulness), and neither does James Last.

    1. Only if she reads this blog, which I suspect is unlikely

  2. Missed this yesterday
    Excellent stuff

  3. Fife's finest?
    The Rezillos and King Creosote may have something to say about that!

  4. Good collection of covers there. The Big O's is my favourite - make it short if not so sweet. As for the Osborne Brothers - had they not heard the song or read the lyrics before they turned up at the session to cut the record and just played it from the sheet music someone thoughtfully provided? Hahaha Hardly wracked with pain and anguish are they.