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Tuesday 23 February 2021

The People of El Aaiún

We're off on one of our regular visits to North Africa courtesy of the always excellent Sahel Sounds label. Today it is Western Sahara or, to be entirely accurate, the Sahrawi refugee camps just over the border in Algeria where the supporters of Polisario are exiled. The band is El Wali, the album is "Tiris", and you really ought to buy it.

"Youth Of The Nation" - El Wali

"Brave People" - El Wali

A lot of fantastic music has come out of the Sahrawi camps over the years, the most notable being that made by the late, great Mariem Hassan. Here she is. 


  1. That Mariem Hassan track is very very good.

    1. There will be more of that sort of thing later in the week. Doing this post led me to dig out her albums for the first time in a while

  2. Still working my way through my Sahel Sounds Samplers