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Monday 1 March 2021

The Mittoo Movement

Let's get you in the mood to face the week with two lumps of sunshine from the great Jackie Mittoo, the Keyboard King of Jamaica. 

After spending most of the 1960s in the Skatalites and various other ensembles, as well as being involved in pretty much every recording session at Studio One, he emigrated to Toronto. It was there in 1971 that he recorded the album "Wishbone", from which these two tracks come. 

That is Jackie himself singing on "Soul Bird". The singer on "Right Track" is uncredited on the album, so I'm going to claim its Pierre Trudeau, or possibly Gordon Lightfoot. Definitely one of the two.

"Soul Bird" - Jackie Mittoo

"Right Track" - Jackie Mittoo

Jackie did a bit of songwriting as well, including co-writing these old favourites.