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Friday 30 April 2021


Nagisa Ni Te are a Japanese duo whose music is variously described as folk-rock, psychedelic and progressive. They have been knocking around for the best part of a quarter of a century but, to my great shame, had completely passed me by until a couple of months ago when I read a review of one of their albums and I decided to explore. Better late than never

A number of their albums were released on the Jagjaguwar label and you can find them all on Bandcamp going for $10 each. Those include their 1996 debut album "On The Love Beach", which is probably my favourite of the ones I have had a chance to listen to so far.

They obviously have a bit of a thing about beaches, because Nagisa Ni Te means "on the beach". I have absolutely no evidence to support this theory, but I think it is possible they named themselves after one of my favourite Neil Young albums. There is certainly a noticeable early Neil vibe on "On The Love Beach".

"Me On The Beach" - Nagisa Ni Te

"They" - Nagisa Ni Te

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