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Monday 19 April 2021

Same Name Different Noise 5

Welcome to what will be the last instalment of the series for now. I intend to come back to it later in the year, as there are plenty more same named acts out there, but five weeks of planning is about my limit. We are, however, going out in a blaze of glory and a flurry of feathers.

We kick off things off with the magnificent "Paraffin Brain" by Robert Lloyd's lads, which still sounds as good as when I first bought it several hundred years ago. That is followed by some fine reggae harmonies by another bunch of Nightingales about whom I have been able to find out absolutely nothing.

We follow the Nightingales with a pair of Flamingos, neither of whom should be confused with The Flamingos as both of them are singular. The first Flamingo hail from the Czech Republic. "Zlom Vaz" can be found on a fabulous compilation of early 1970s Czech rock, blues and jazz called "Rock Line 1970-1974" - with 36 tracks for £10 its a real bargain. 

The second Flamingo is an Italian producer who teamed up with fellow Italians Dumbo Gets Mad for this track back in 2013. Having listened to the rest of the EP from which this comes, which is all a bit dull, I can only assume it is the presence of Dumbo that makes this one fly.

"Paraffin Brain" - The Nightingales 

"Jehovah" - The Nightingales

"Zlom Vaz" - Flamingo

"Brown Lighter (featuring Dumbo Gets Mad)" - Flamingo


  1. ThirtySix tracks on that czech compilation. It's on the list!

    1. You won't regret it. At least one of those 36 contains jazzy prog flute noodling