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Monday 5 July 2021

Congo-A-Go-Go (Part 1)

There was great excitement at Leggies HQ last week when we had our first ever visitor from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Welcome to the gang!

It is becoming traditional here to patronise our new friends by playing them some of their own music. The DRC is a country that has produced mountainous amounts of magnificent music, much more than we could possibly do justice to in one post, so we are making this a two-parter. Even that is going to be woefully inadequate. 

Today being a Monday, King Kester Emeneya seems an obvious place to start. It also has the merit of being a long song, as are today's other two selections, in a respectful nod to other people's traditions. 

The middle video is even longer - 45 minutes of Franco and friends!

"Lundi" - King Kester Emeneya

"Ange Bokuma (Parts 1 and 2)" - Zaiko Langa Langa

"Ofelika" - Tony Dee

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