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Friday 23 July 2021

Donny Reggae

Today's post goes out especially to our old friend George. He's a big Osmonds fan and doesn't mind who knows it. I considered featuring a couple of their singles but then realised he has probably got them all already, so here are a couple of Mandatory Reggae Versions instead.

"One Bad Apple" - Barry Biggs

"Love Me For A Reason" - The Fabulous Five 


  1. He'll love that
    Any MRVs of Liza Minnelli? (asking for a friend)

  2. I should probably stop teasing him after this.

    Most of the tracks on Liza's 'The Singer' are themselves cover versions and I have reggae versions of a few of them but I'm not sure that counts. My mission for the weekend is to track down MRVs of 'New York, New York' and 'Cabaret'

  3. I was hoping for Donny trying his hand at reggae.....

  4. When Donny Osmond visited my shop in 1988, all he wanted to talk about was reggae. True story.

    1. What an excellent story. In the photo, which one is you?