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Friday 10 June 2022

Cooking Up A Storm

On Wednesday night we went to see the mighty Elizabeth Cook play a solo set at The Lexington in Pentonville Road. She was utterly fantastic, so much so that I very nearly proposed to her on the spot (and would have done if I hadn't been forcibly restrained by Mr F). 

Ms Cook has a great voice, great songs, great stories and bucketloads of charisma. As Mr F says, if there was any justice in the world she would be playing much more prestigious venues than upstairs rooms in pubs. But the other night, for one night only, I was glad there is no justice in the world.

I have been a big fan of Ms Cook since her "Welder" album in 2010 but inexplicably she has never featured here before. We'll put that right now with one track from each of her last four albums: "Balls" (2007), "Welder", "Exodus of Venus" (2016) and "Aftermath" (2020). 

They are all great records, you should buy them all. And you should definitely go and see her if she is ever round your way.

"Sometimes It Takes Balls To Be A Woman" - Elizabeth Cook

"Mama's Funeral" - Elizabeth Cook

"Methadone Blues" - Elizabeth Cook

"Mary, The Submissing Years" - Elizabeth Cook

The support act was Wade Sapp, who was pretty cool too. His debut album enters the world in July and I'll be checking it out. Until then, here's his first single.


  1. I see that Ms Hogan has competition!

    1. That is actually the real reason I didn't propose on the spot, I felt I should break the news to Kelly in person. I wouldn't want her to find out about it through the No Depression gossip column.

    2. You are a thoughtful and considerate gent sir