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Friday 16 September 2022

Österreich Eggs

Knowing my interest in pop from around the world, the landlord of my local recently lent me Volumes 1 and 4 of a series called "Weltberühmt In Österreich: 50 Jahre Austropop". He normally has decent taste so I can only assume they were an unwanted gift.

The CDs came out in 2006 which means that according to the title there should be songs going back as far as the mid-50s. On Volumes 1 and 4 almost everything was from the 80s and 90s. There were three songs from the 70s but nothing before that. Maybe all the really old stuff is on Volumes 2 and 3. 

Maybe all the good stuff is on there as well because these two volumes are pretty dreadful apart from Falco and a couple of others you might know. Rather than subject you to anything that purports to be original here are three cover versions that were included. 

The first is a schlagered-up standard, the second is somewhat surprising and the third utterly inexplicable. There will be a prize of sorts for the first person to identify all three. 

"Gö, Du Bleibst Heut Nacht Bei Mir" - S.T.S.

"Meier" - Heli Deinboek

"Berti Braun" - Ostbahn-Kurti & Die Chefpartie

Here are a couple of original Austrian hits featured on the volumes that I endured. Well I say original, the tune for Peter Cornelius's verses is clearly a slowed down version of "Heroes and Villians". Minisex were a relative highlight.


  1. Using my German GCSE (in which I got an E, 34 years ago), I tried to translate "Gö, Du Bleibst Heut Nacht Bei Mir" without google, and before listening to it.

    I was miles off.

    Quite liked the second one.

    The third one made me cry, and not in a good way.

  2. The first one sounds like Help Me Make it Through the Night.
    No idea about the others.

  3. That third one started off like The Monster Mash. The second one is familiar, maybe a Billy Joel song? I agree with CC for the first one

  4. You are both right about the first one. Number 2 is by an American piano-playing singer-songwriter but not Billy Joel. And while there probably is an Austrian version of "Monster Mash", it isn't Number 3. It might well be an improvement on Number 3 though.

    1. The eternally bloody annoying Randy bloody Newman. Short People

  5. Frank (not as annoying as Randy Newman) Zappa. Bobby Brown

    1. Correct on both counts. I will think of a suitable prize for you. Off the top of my head, would a specially curated Gary Stewart compilation fit the bill?