Thursday, 10 August 2023

Robertson And Rodriguez RIP

Yesterday we learnt that we had lost both Robbie Robertson and Sixto Rodriguez.

Robbie Robertson is obviously best known for his work with The Band and for composing the soundtracks for many Martin Scorsese films, but he also made a series of interesting solo albums. Spookily, I bought one of them in my local second-hand record shop yesterday morning before the news broke.

"Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy" was released in 1998 and saw him reconnecting with his indigenous roots (he was half Mohawk on his mother's side). The title of the opening track seems appropriate.

Most of the world only belatedly discovered Sixto Rodriguez through the 2012 documentary "Searching For Sugar Man", but those of us who grew up in South Africa in the 1970s have known him for much longer. I have worn my way through several copies of his debut album "Cold Fact" over the years. The follow up "Coming From Reality" - from which this track comes - is almost as good.

RIP Gents.

"The Sound Is Fading" - Robbie Robertson

"I'll Slip Away" - Rodriguez

"Whispering Pines" - The Band


  1. More sad news.
    Rest easy gents.

  2. I'd heard about Robbie, but not Rodriguez. Double sadness.