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Wednesday 13 September 2023

NYC/CT Sounds

I'm back from my break in New York (city and state). I very much doubt you are interested in my holiday snaps but if you are you can find them on Flickr.

I managed to get to a couple of gigs while I was over there. First up was the pop-country sounds of Ms Lola Kirke. I did not know much about her, but of the gigs I researched on the nights I was in the city she looked to be the pick of the bunch. It also gave me a chance to visit the far-famed Bowery Ballroom.

It turned out to be a good decision on all counts. The Ballroom is a great little venue, and Lola's live show was a treat. The set was mostly a mix of tracks from last year's "Lady For Sale" album and others that might feature on her forthcoming record, "Country Curious". I was particularly impressed by the new stuff, which tilts the balance of pop and country more towards the latter.

The second gig was at the other end of the country spectrum, and several counties away. From my cousin's place upstate we hopped over the border to the town of Ridgefield in Connecticut, home of the Nod Hill Brewery. 

The evening's entertainment was provided by local bluegrass combo Hitch & The Giddyup, who were much better than we had a right to expect of a free gig in a small town pub. Their 2020 album "Another Gig In The Bag" does not really do them justice but as a 'name your own price' offer on Bandcamp it is worth a listen. And you should definitely go to see them in the perhaps unlikely event they are playing round your way.

Here is a track from each of the albums I've mentioned, plus Lola's video for the lead single from the new record. At the gig she described it as her George Strait tribute, but I don't think George would ever get up to this sort of shenanigans.

"Stay Drunk" - Lola Kirke

"Heartbreak County Line" - Hitch & The Giddyup


  1. So. Let me get this right. You posted this clip more than 48 hours ago and you've had precisely ZERO comments so far!! Are your regular bloggers and random readers under house arrest and denied contact to the outside world or something? Knowing nothing about Lola I started the vid and was taken, first by her green eye shadow (how shallow of me I know) and then a similarity to a Jenny Lewis track and then.....well you could have knocked me down with a feather. I've got friends who would have had to reach for their defibrillators long before the end of the vid. Nice track.

    1. To be fair to the inconsiderate bastards I had been away for a bit and they might not have realised I'm back. But thanks for filling the gaping void.

      I enjoyed "All My Exes" when Lola performed it fully clothed at her gig. Even better was another new song with a refrain that went "It's my house now I've kicked you out, and I can do what I want". I'll be looking out for that on the new record.

  2. I've added her to my wants list. The album I mean.