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Friday 30 July 2010

Tsonga Special

We haven't had any Tsonga Disco up here for a while so, to make up for it, here is a bumper batch from assorted old friends.

"Tambai" - Peta Teanet

"Kerendwana" - General Muzka

"Jikavonunu" - Madlaks

"Macka 50/50" - Penny Penny

"Xisola Hosi" - Conny Chauke

"Sathani" - Joe Shirimani

"Vakonwana" - The Black Force

"Makula" - Loaf Boy

If you like all that - and I know you do - you have probably already got the great Shangaan Electro album on Honest Jon's. But if not, what are you waiting for?

That's it from me for the next ten days or so as I'm off on my hols tomorrow. Watch out Antwerp, Cologne and all places in between. We may make a little detour into the Netherlands, but I doubt we'll get as far as Amsterdam where these boys come from. But then they'll probably be in London or New York City.

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  1. Check out the lastest about Shangaan Electro, Tsonga Disco and George Malukele on

    In German Language! We mentioned your post.