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Sunday 12 June 2011

Hats Off!

The great Roy Harper turns 70 today. He is playing a special gig at the South Bank in London to mark the occasion, to which I am lucky enough to have tickets, but that isn't happening until November. We can't wait until then. Here is a small selection of his mighty oeuvre to tide us over.

"You Don't Need Money" - Roy Harper (from "Come Out Fighting Ghengis Smith", 1967)

"I'll See You Again" - Roy Harper (from "Valentine", 1974)

"Watford Gap" - Roy Harper (from "Bullinamingvase", 1977)

"Cherishing The Lonesome" - Roy Harper (from "Bullingamingvase", 1977)

"The Flycatcher" - Roy Harper (from "The Unknown Soldier", 1980)

I have also learnt that I struck lucky in the great London 2012 Olympics lucky dip and have got two tickets to the semi-final of the womens' handball tournament. Whoopee! But that is even further ahead and I don't know any songs about handball - well, do you? - so instead let's stick with Roy. Here are Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush with a very nice version of one of his standards, "Another Day". The chances of them turning up for a repeat performance in November are probably litle more than nil, but then that was what I thought were the odds of getting handball tickets, so we live in hope.

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