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Monday 6 June 2011

Oldies But Goodies

I will be away working from tomorrow for the best part of a week. I haven't had time to prepare anything new and interesting to tide you over, so here are some things that are old and interesting.
This is a selection of tracks that were featured way back in the early days of 27 Leggies, when the number of leggies was greater than the number of listeners. They deserve a bigger audience.

There is hopefully something for everyone here. In order: Belgian New Wave, Brazilian soul, South African jazz, Afro Zouk, Scottish folk, Jimmy Webb done reggae style, Richard Strange, groovy Texan sounds, some old punks and a stone cold classic from Curtis Mayfield. Tuck in.

"Do The Standing Still" - The Employees

"Idade" - Tim Maia

"Stokvel Gumba" - Sipho Gumede

"Femme Africaine" - Soule Ngofo Man

"The Birks of Invermay" - Karine Polwart

"Do What You Got To Do" - Pat Rhoden

"International Language" - Richard Strange

"Best Is Yet To Come" - Vince Bell

"Violence Grows" - Fatal Microbes

"Dirty Laundry" - Curtis Mayfield

And here is something that is definitely for everyone.

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