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Thursday 23 June 2011

Time For Mr Shine

Tomorrow I'm off to the west of Ireland for a long weekend. What better way to get myself in the mood than by listening to Brendan Shine, a man renowned for his social and political commentary and poignant insights into the lives of Ireland's rural population.

"Murphy's Dancing Pig" is clearly a savage indictment of the system of Irish political patronage, while "Are You Diggin' Them, Dillon?" exposes the fact that the wealth of Dublin (the "great big ugly goat") was built largely on the labours of the rural poor.

And if all that is a bit heavy for you, you might enjoy listening to Brendan rocking out on "Bold O'Donoghue" - it could be Thin Lizzy!

"Murphy's Dancing Pig" - Brendan Shine

"Are You Diggin' Them, Dillon?" - Brendan Shine

"Bold O'Donoghue" - Brendan Shine

"Catch Me If You Can" - Brendan Shine

And here a younger Brendan tackles the perennial scourge of alcoholism head on in his usual sensitive way.

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