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Tuesday 14 August 2012

The Bully Boys From Bogota

Yesterday I received a notification of copyright infringement from Blogger. I get two or three of those every year from either them or Box.Net and normally just shrug it off. It is usually a fair cop, and it is one of the occupational hazards of music blogging. But this one has annoyed me.

The complaint has come from Sony Music in Colombia, who were acting to protect the creative rights of Colombian pop singer Maia. The post they objected to, and which Blogger has now removed, dated from September 2009 and was titled "More Maia".

The most annoying thing - even more than the fact that I took the links down nearly three years ago - is that it was not that Maia I featured. To be honest I had never heard of her until yesterday. It would be immediately obvious to anyone who actually read the post that it was in fact a tribute to the late, great Brazilian soul singer, Tim Maia. So I can only assume that Sony Music in Colombia made their spurious claim based solely on looking at the title of the post. Which does seem a bit of an abuse of the system to me.

Still, to show there are no hard feelings to the country, here are some fine Colombian tunes. Let's just hope none of them came out on Sony.

"Elyoyo" - Wganda Kenya

"El Gavilan" - La India Meliyara

"El Escándalo" - El Sayayin

"Mini Kusuto" - Colombiafrica

"Pescao Envenenao" - Choc Quib Town

Here is a clip of their Maia, followed by one of mine. She's OK, but give me Tim any day.

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