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Thursday 23 August 2012

The Celtic Fringes

There was great excitement in the Goggins household earlier in the week when an email from former Pipette Gwenno Saunders appeared in my inbox. I was a big fan of theirs and was always surprised and disappointed they didn't make it much bigger than they did, although the membership turmoil and long silence after "We Are The Pipettes" meant they were not in a position to capitalise on the attention they got early on.

Since the demise of the Pipettes Gwenno has gone back to singing in Welsh, and the result is a fine five-track EP that comes out on the Peski label next Monday. The title track is "Ymbelydredd", which means "Radiation", but you don't need to know what she's on about to appreciate a bloody good pop record when you hear it. My favourite tracks are probably "Ti Yw Madonna" ("You Are Madonna") and this one, the title of which probably does not need translating.

One thing I had not realised before was that Gwenno is half Cornish, speaks the language and once represented Cornwall in the Alternative Eurovision Song Contest. Being part Cornish myself that makes me love her even more. She's the new Brenda Wootton! (And if you don't know who Brenda Wootton is you should be ashamed of yourselves).

As a bonus for you, here are some more Welsh language hits of yesteryear:

"Nid Yr Hen Gwestiynau Oedd Wrth Y Llyw" - Galwad Y Mynydd

"Hedfan" - Gillian Elisa

"Heddiw Ddoe A Fory" - Meic Stevens

"Gwlad Y Rasta Gwyn" - Sobin A'r Smaeliaid

And we'll finish up with two videos featuring Gwenno, one for the new EP and one from her days with the Pipettes.

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