Thursday, 20 February 2014

In A Lather In Java

Inul Daratista is a dangdut singer from East Java. Never having knowingly heard dangdut before I have no idea if she is typical of the style. Judging by her first album "Goyang Inul", which I picked up for £1 up the Holloway Road the other day, I would guess she is from the poppier end of the spectrum. It is not really my cup of tea, to be honest, but see what you think.

"Joget Sama-Sama" - Inul Daratista

"Goyang Gosip" - Inul Daratista

Apparently when the album came out in 2003 she caused a scandal in Indonesia with what was felt by many to be her immodest dress and saucy dance routines. Purely in the interest of research I have checked out a few clips. While not exactly Miley Cyrus with her twerking and tongue waggling - for which we can all give thanks - I can see why a gentleman might get a bit hot and bothered if not used to that sort of thing.

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