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Saturday 22 February 2014

Wayne Smith R.I.P.

Wayne Smith, who died earlier this week aged only 48, is only really known for one record - but what a record. As well as being excellent in its own right, when "Under Mi Sleng Teng" came out in 1985 was the first time a digital rhythm track was used in Jamaica. As such it was hugely influential in the development of dancehall - not always for the better it must be said - and the "riddim" itself has been used many, many times. Here are a few examples.

"Cowboy Style" - Josey Wales

"Call The Police" - John Wayne

"Every Posse" - Tonto Irie

"Mr. Pleasure" - Mad Cobra

To prove that there were other records as well, here is something different from Wayne.

"Time Is A Moment In Space" - Wayne Smith

And if you are wondering why that sounds strangely familiar, it's because it is a cover version of "A Woman In Love" by Barbara Streisand. Oddly there does not seem to be a single decent video of her singing it, so you'll have to settle for this lady from the Greek version of "Stars In Their Eyes".

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  1. There's not enough bloggers posting Greek chanteuses. Vicky Leandros next?