Friday, 14 February 2014

Schlager Bombs!

More from Berlin. Mister F, who in most respects is painfully hip, has an unexpected weakness for vintage German schlager. So you can imagine how excited he was to find a copy of the 2-CD "Das Schlagerkarussell Der 70er" for just €2 on a market stall. As excited as I was to pick up the greatest hits of Ulla Meinecke and Alexandra (real name Doris Nefedov - you can see why they opted for a stage name).

Here are a couple of cover versions from the schlager compilation, followed by one apiece from Ulla and Doris. I imagine you will recognise the first three - "The Young New Mexican Puppeteer" by Tom Jones, "Do It Again" by Raffaela Carra and "You're Moving Out Today" by Carol Bayer Sager. But number four is considerably more obscure.

"Der Puppenspieler Von Mexico" - Roberto Blanco

"Tanze Samba Mit Mir" - Tony Holiday

"Heute Ziehst Du Aus" - Ulla Meinecke

"Warum?" - Alexandra

You're right, of course. It was a remake of "Every Day Is The Same" by Clodagh Rodgers. Here is Clodagh herself, accompanied only by her legs.


  1. Think I'm becoming a fan too -after that Dave Edmunds cover a couple of days ago!

  2. No! Save yourself while you still can!