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Wednesday 4 June 2014

The Tsonga Svengali

Last time we visited Tsonga Soap Land we reported that Prince Rhangani, egged on by the naughty Benny Mayengani, has supposedly fallen out with his mentor, the great Joe Shirimani. We will give Benny a chance to state his case shortly, but today we give Joe some airtime. Today's selections are from "Hawu Ra Mina", the album he made with his Vana va Ndoda collective last year. The young pretenders are pretty good, but on the evidence Joe is still top of the tree.

With the World Cup coming up next week it seems appropriate to feature "Order". I am not entirely sure whether it is a tribute to the beautiful game or an extended metaphor for something or other, but I'm not sure it really matters.

"Order" - Joe Shirimani Na Vana va Ndoda

"Colour Block" - Joe Shirimani Na Vana va Ndoda

And here is another favourite Joe.

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