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Sunday 3 August 2014

Single Song Sunday

A shorter than usual Single Song Sunday for you today, partly because of my ongoing problems with Box and partly because of the nature of the song. The decent cover versions of "Ooh Baby Baby" - written by Smokey Robinson and Pete Moore and a hit for The Miracles in 1965 - either stick fairly closely to the original format, slow everything down or add a reggae beat. We bring you an example of each. There have been some attempts to funk it up but they don't really work.

UPDATE: The Miracles' version has been surgically removed by Box after a complaint about breach of copyright. Sorry, Smokey.

"Ooh Baby Baby" - The Miracles

"Ooh Baby Baby" - The San Francisco T.K.O.s

"Ooh Baby Baby" - Laura Nyro

"Ooh Baby Baby" - Janet Lee Davis

It's amazing what a difference an extra "Baby" can make:


If, like me, your reaction to the early stages of that clip was "Who is Gunter Gabriel and where can I find his music?", here is the answer:


You will have to find Steffan Waggershausen yourself.


  1. Gunter Gabriel somehow contrives to be even worse than that arsehead Gilbert O'Sullivan.....

  2. I won't hear a word said against Gilbert, but agree with your implied criticism of Gunter. For the sake of your blood pressure it is probably best that you don't seek out the works of Steffan Waggershausen