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Thursday 31 July 2014

Teddy Time

Teddy Afro (or Tewodros Kassahun as his Mum would call him) is one of the biggest modern-day stars in Ethiopian pop. When I was in Addis a couple of years back I managed to wangle a ticket to his comeback gig at the Ghion Hotel after a period in jail on what his fans would say were trumped up charges. Unfortunately I got laid low by a bout of Menelik's Revenge and never made it.

The first track is from his 2005 breakthrough album, "Yasteseryal". The other two are from "Tikur Sew", the album he was promoting when I nearly saw him in 2012. They are all pretty groovy.

Lambadina” - Teddy Afro
Azobigne” - Teddy Afro
Africaye” - Teddy Afro
Here is another Top Teddy.


  1. I hope these are deep and meaningful lyrics. That first track is quite catchy!

  2. ...although there is a bit of a "kitchen sink" attitude with the production, of throwing in any sound affect/gimmick to spice it up a bit