Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Overly Specific Series Spot

It's Wednesday evening where I am, which makes it the perfect time to launch our new series "Wednesday Evening Wednesday Evenings".

That's right. Every Wednesday evening we are going to be spinning songs about Wednesdays and evenings. Let's get this party started.

"Wednesday" -  This Is The Kit

"Shadow Of The Evening" - Evie Sands


  1. Wednesday's have just become that bit more interesting.
    Will make a difference from that nonsense George comes up with!

    1. Have you two fallen out over the Osmonds?

      Also, I may have exaggerated when I said I would be doing this every Wednesday. Most of my bright ideas peter out very quickly. I don't have your dedication and commitment.

  2. Not all that much to go at on Wednesday songs compared to other days of the week but I'll be interested to see what you come up with - as long as you don't reference Sheffield Wednesday in any way I'll be happy!