Saturday, 13 July 2019

Sayonara For Now

This is the last you'll be hearing of me for a while. I'm off on my travels on a few hours - one week working followed by one week holiday.

I'm not going to tell you where I'm going because I don't want to sound like I'm showing off. Suffice to say it is somewhere I have long wanted to go to but never previously had the chance, and I am very excited.

To give you all something to listen to until I'm back, here is a random selection of completely unrelated songs.

"Chu Chu Chu" - The Carnabeats

"Fujiyama Mama" - Wanda Jackson

"Future Stepper" - Jumbo Maatch

"Hello Tosh" - Pato Banton

"Juso Station" - Ché-SHIZU 

"Japanese Gum" - Her Space Holiday

"Shimendoka" - Harry Hosono & The Yellow Magic Band

"Going Back To Okinawa" - Ry Cooder

"I Am A Japanese Cowboy" - Hank Sasaki

"Lost To A Geisha Girl" - Skeeter Davis

"Do What You're Doin'" - The Rising Sun

"Natsu Nandesu" - Happy End


  1. Have a fab holiday in you know where!

  2. "Nagasaki" - Billy (Voice of Popeye) Costello

  3. Replies
    1. HaHa, very good, CC!

    2. Lucky guess there, CC. I've managed one trip to the record shops on the South Shore and you can look forward to hearing from top Blackpool beat combos like Psycho le Cemu and Crazy Ken Band in a couple of weeks - with hopefully more to come.

  4. Arigato gozaimasu, Ernie.

  5. I saw the Frank Chickens in concert, twice, in the 1980s.